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We are here to design a travel adventure for families with a variety of ages, interests and needs.  We customize each trip towards your family to make sure it is as special as possible.  We really want this to be a trip everyone will rave about for years to come.  We will make it special, memorable and just for you.

Our Specialty

We specialize in luxury family travel.  Whether you have a family reunion for 25 or a Summer Vacation for 4 we can help.  We design for the special and memorable once in a lifetime travel events.

Our Menu of Services



In-country transportation







For families who want help with the entire travel experience.  This includes air, accommodations, tours, activities, in-country travel, restaurants and more.  We charge a 10% fee on the entire package.


For families who want a cruise, pre-planned tour or basic trip that just includes a hotel or resort.  We will book this for you for a $500 fee.


Need research, some ideas on where to go, what to do, or want to stay on a budget?  We will just charge $100 per hour for whatever you need.

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